Conditions and procedures


Majority of his operations for shoulder rotator cuff tears, instability, stiffness are performed through arthroscopic surgery (Key hole). He also offers elbow and wrist arthroscopic operations. Most of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand operations are generally done as day surgery procedures where patient can go home the same day of the operation.

Joint replacements for arthritis affecting shoulder, elbow and small joints of the hand are also performed. Shoulder replacements and elbow replacements tend to stay overnight in the hospital and are discharged the next day.

Quiet a few of these operations can be done as awake procedures where patient remains awake and can see the actual operation if wanting to. This is achieved by having a regional anaesthesia (nerve block) avoiding some of the complications of the general anaesthetic ( like drowsiness, feeing sick, vomiting). This also helps with the post operative pain relief and rehabilitation with early movements of the joints.

Commonly performed surgeries

Shoulder: Arthroscopic Rotator cuff repairs, impingement decompression, instability surgery, capsular release for stiffness, shoulder joint replacement ( total shoulder, reverse total shoulder, resurfacing arthroplasty)

Elbow: surgeries for cubital tunnel decompression, tennis/ golfers elbow release, release for stiffness, total elbow replacement for arthritis

Wrist and Hand: Carpal tunnel decompressions, Dupuytrens fasciectomy, Ganglion excisions, trapeziectomy for base of thumb arthritis, rheumatoid hand surgery, small joint replacement for arthritis of hand, wrist arthroscopies